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Left picture (L-R): 1. Don't know; 2. Don't know; 3. Marcelle; 4. Frances??? 5. Richard; 6. Barbara??? 7. Suzette; 8. Wanda; 9. John; 10. Maxine.
Right picture (L-R): 1. Don't know; 2. Neil; 3. Eleanor; 4. Don't know; 5. Richard; 6: Marcelle

Alison BG: They were taken at a "Kaowboy"party at Richard King's house following a great Easter weekend party at John Willems' house on Kaow Island in the Essequibo river. I cannot remember the year, but it was before any of us were married, although John and Wanda were engaged at the time. I have identified a few of us (I think) as follows: First picture from L to R: 1 and 2 don't know, 3 Marcelle Andrade, 4 Don' know, 5 Richard King, 6 Simone, 7 Suzette, 8 Wanda, 9 John Willems, 10 Shirley Chow-How..or maybe Maxine Chung. Second picture from L to R: 1 Don't know, 2 Neil, 3 Eleanor Martins, 4 Don't know, 5 Richard King, 6 could be Marcelle Andrade.
I would think Richard could throw more light on them. They were great days!
Richard K: A quick look at the group picture and it’s clearly laughable to expect me to remember anything about that party. Thanks to Suzette and ?? for holding me upright!! I think the face between Suzette and I is Barbara DaSiva but I may have the name wrong. I know I have a better group picture of that party. By the way, Simone was not at that party, she was in London.  Lots of  Cowboys and Cowgirls missing; Alison, John Pairaudeau and a few others. John died less than two years ago after a long battle with cancer. Thanks for bringing back great memories.
Richard K: We’ve drawn a blank with number 1 in the dancing group, # 2, Neal in the sombrero? #3 is Eleanor Martins, can’t help with 4 & 5.   Marcelle at # 6. In the other group we can’t place #1 or #2, #3 is Marcelle Andrade, #4 we should know, We’re guessing Frances Murray/Bernard. #5 Richard, 6 Barbara DaSilva (not sure), # 7 Suzette, # 8 & 9 Wanda & John. Number 10 could be a Chung but that’s a guess.

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