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POW Letterform from Celco to S.S. de Freitas
March 21st, 1943 - Lamsdorf Stalag VIIIB POW Camp
21st March 1943

Dear Dad,

Today is the 1st day of spring which I celebrated by doing a bit of much needed laundering. My hands are still numb from the effort. I believe Wilfred Payne who was take in Feb is at [censored] while his Navigator is here. They were flying the world's fastest a/c. Their's is a hard luck tale also. They certainly had rotten luck. One of these days, perhaps soon, I shall be able to give you fully the true account & the circumstances of our own misadventures. How is the Mail situation? Have they all been getting through? At the least I manage to write one a fortnight. To dat I have had 5 letters from B.G. but no snaps. I have only had 3 letters from Guy. Your letters are all crammed full opf news, I only wish I could get them more often. Unfortunately there is so little I can write about for I am afraid if I were to mention anything which the Censor should take a poor view of, he might just put the letter aside & there you are. You've had it. I can never settle down to this kind of life but am trying to make the best of it as I know it can only be temporary. How is Arlindo? Is he on Opps as yet? & how about the other B.G. boys. Angus, Leon etc. The Camp School is a God send & I manage to turn up for the Deisel, Automobile & Vet classes. The teachers are all Gen men, with bags of Diplomas & practical experience to their credit. Of course everything is just Theoretical but with Theoretical knowledge behind you the Practical should prove a piece of cake.

[second flap]

Things at the Camp are much better now & we are all not too badly treated. I have received 2 clothing parcels from the W.I.C. [West India Committee]; I am all set for clothing but I wish I could get some dentifrice & gum. I am well & really there is nothing to worry about. Give my love to all the family & I trust you are all well.

Your loving Son
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