1944-11-11 - Family de Freitas

Family de Freitas
de Freitas
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POW postcard from Celco to Zelia de Freitas
Lamsdorf Stalag VIIIB POW Camp - November 9th, 1944

Interesting because they tie in with the idea of sporting "internationals" taking place - in this case, "rugger".
11th Nov 1944

Dear Zelia,

Is Ylma with her husband in Eng? I wish I knew more about A.V.. What rank he holds now, etc. Incidentaly I am a WO. [Warrant Officer]. There is always plenty to do here and I am in charge of Boots for Block V. This afternoon I have to Referee the Senior Rugger game. The NZ (All Blacks) Vs a S.A. Team. All is well and a happy Xmas to everybody.

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