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Letter from Celco to Zelia de Freitas
Bobbington, England - 14th February, 1942
The airfield was renamed RAF Halfpenny Green to avoid a conflict with the name of RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. Today it is known as Wolverhampton Airport.

Dear Zelia,

I have written two or three letters home but cannot post them, (that is by Air Mail) until I get out of Hospital. God knows when that will be as I expected to be out a few days ago, yet they still insist in keeping me in bed. I am browned off with this hospital and longing to get out. I shall stick this letter in with the others. When this War is finished it will feel strange getting soft again. How different it will be not getting up at 6.15 every morning. And even if you did get up at 6, not having to rush out into the Cold & Snow over to the Wash places, then back again sweep the floor, make up your bed, polish boots & buttons & then off to meals. Work begins at 8 & ends at 5.15. That is if there is no night flying. If there is, then you've had it. Of course there is laundry too; at Wigtown we had no laundry so had to do our own washing. God, what a life. How is Celo, John & everyone else? Since I have been in England I have not hear a word of Cordelia, or Aurelia. How are they & the children? Within a very short time I shall be going on operations. Where that will be I don't know. For all I know it might be out Eat or even Russia. Let's hope the wat wil be over by next year. Give my love to all the Girls at home & remember me to Nana, Cookie etc.

I Remain

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