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A letter sent to Celestine and Zelia de Freitas
Written at "The Grapes Inn", 2 Agnew Crescent, Wigtown, Newton Stewart, Scotland

(Wikipedia: A Royal Air Force flying station was constructed on the outskirts of the town and opened in 1941. Under the control of 29 Group RAF, the Station was home to No. 1 Air Observers School, later No. 1 Advanced Flying Unit (Observer), as well as providing a short-term home to several operational RAF squadrons. The Station was closed in 1948. Today it is very occasionally used by light aircraft, sometimes being referred to as Baldoon Airfield.)

The Grapes

Dear Celo and Zelia
I received your Air Mail letter this afternoon at 1 PM after I came back from a flight. I only had sufficient time to gobble down a hasty dinner as I was due back at the A/D for briefing at 1.45 PM, so I had no opportunity to read your letter before I came back. I am writing this letter at a small pub in Wigtown called "The Grapes". The Whiskey here is very good and the beer palatable so I should be able to write quite frequently. You would be surprised to know how tired you feel after a lot of long flights especially if you fly at any heights over 10,000 ft. This morning I flew from here right across to Newcastle, then on to Glasgow, Prestwick & back. This afternoon we were over by the Isle of Man. Last week was a bad week for accidents. I saw a Canadian Pilot flying  a Lysander crash from 100 ft up. He was killed. So Ylma has gone and done it. I am glad everything went off well and I hope she will be very happy. It was a very nice snap [photo]you sent, when ever you or the others write if you have any snaps send them along. I don't think I shall be having any leave at Xmas as expected as we have an Exam on the 19th and another on the 26th. However we shall get leave after our exams I hope. I shall try and see Arlindo then. He is in training at a Bomber Station, which is lucky for him as they are treated well there. Congratulate the boys for me on winning the Inter-Club Tennis Tournament. The place is getting a little crowded out so I shall have to stop now.

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