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Letter to Eddie Gonsalves
Bobbington, England - February 9th, 1942
The airfield was renamed RAF Halfpenny Green to avoid a conflict with the name of RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. Today it is known as Wolverhampton Airport.

Dear Eddie,

The severe Cold, wet clothes & socks eventually got the better of me, & even though I did put up quite a good fight I have been ordered to bed & am now in Hospital.
We left Wigtown last week to finish our training here as the weather there was a trifle severe. The Cold at times was intense; engines iced up and down they came. I lost one or two of by [my] best pals about 3 weeks ago. We were ordered to the Opps room & briefed for an Opperational [sic] Trip (practice). I was 1st Navigator of my a/c & we had to take a Photographic Recco of Ayr Harbour & then fly over the Highlands & on our way back drop a stick of bombs at a special target nr. Glenluci [??]. We all took off at the same time, visibility was poor & as the cloud base was 5000' we went up to 8. To cut a long story short on;ly two of us actualy completed the Course. The rest had to return to base & two actualy Crashed & all were killed. I have had many many exciting experiences in the air which would take much too much space & time to write. The other day while over the sea we flew over a destroyer which immediately sent out the challenge signal; we all in the a/c had forgotten what the reply was so off we turned but not before they had opened fire on us. On my next leave (God knows when that will be) I shall arrange things so that I can see Arlindo. Well Eddie I must close now hoping that Evelyn & the kids are all well & that things at the Mills are going smooth.
Give my regards to all.

I Remain

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