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Letter from Celco to S.S. de Freitas
Bobbington, England - February 7th, 1942
The airfield was renamed RAF Halfpenny Green to avoid a conflict with the name of RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire. Today it is known as Wolverhampton Airport.
PS: If poss get Zelia or Olga to send me some snaps of Ylma's Wedding. C.


Dear Dad,

You must excuse me for not writing to you more often, but whenever I write to Clement or any of the others I expect them to show you my letters. I know it is not the same as if you received a letter direct from me but I have had so many letters to write that I can't fit the time in to write more often just at the moment. Right now I am writing this letter in Bed. I contracted a severe chill & caught a cold, got Hoarse and ran a Temp, about two days before I left Wigtown. I fought against it for several days but the M.O. at Bobbington (that is where I am now) ordered me to bed. I expect I shall be out in 7 or 8 days time. Although at 1st I did not like Wigtown as a Station, the people around about were so kind & friendly that I soon made heaps of fine friends. I was very sorry when we had to leave. At Wigtown we were for the last month knee deep in snow. Special paths had to be cut in the main roads to allow the traffic to continue, the drifts were in some places 20ft and over. I had a week's leave around the middle of Jan, but unfortunately was unable to see Arlindo; perhaps the next time I shall have better luck and we shall meet. I can't say much about this camp at the present as I have only been here a few days & already am in hospital. It is about 17 miles away from Wolverhampton & the two other nearest towns are about 9 & 8 miles away. I received the parcel you sent to me through the W.I.C. [West India Committee]. Thanks. Give all at home my love & remind me to Doctor. Hoping that all goes well at the Mills & that you are in the pink.

I remain
Your loving Son
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