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Family de Freitas
de Freitas
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Prisoner of War
Celco de Freitas writes his first letter to Zelia de Freitas
Lamsdorf Stalag VIIIB - October 4th, 1942
4th Oct 1942

Dear Zelia,

A P.O.W. writes to his sister. What a surprise for you. I wish I could write to each of you individually but Though I have the time & strange as it might seem to you, the inclination, I am only permitted a limited No's of cards and letters per month, & even then I have no guarantee of their deliverance. It was most unfortunate & a great disappointment to be in this my present predicament, particularly as I was doing so well, before I had even applied for a commission. Some day I hope to tell you of that unforgetable Opps Drop, so crammed full of incidents and excitement, & even after we crashed on German soil. Considering the circumstances, it is a wonder I am yet alive. The Crew acted magnificently, no panic, yet we knew it was the end & perhaps death was nigh. Without wishing to shoot any kind of a line, I honestly think our Squadron lost one of its good crews in us. As more crews come in they bring us news of our friends and associates. Small consolation, for I find that most of my best friends are now either dead or [unclear]. I go to Mass 3 days in the week, & one of the most beautiful things, was sung High Mass during the week. Held in the Prison Chapel, the Choir comprised of Army P.O.W. were as good as any I have ever heard before & the church was packed, as it almost always is. It was so nice and peaceful that it brought memories of home & you all back to me. How is John? Gosh he must be quite big a;ready. Tell Celo to write. My love to Olga, Cordelia, Aurelia & to all the others also Ylma. I still have my Silver Charm & medals and the X which the deF's gave to me. The Charm was broken in the smash up. Tell the O.M. I am well.

Happy X.Mass

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