1943-03-27 - Family de Freitas

Family de Freitas
de Freitas
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Postcard from Celco to Zelia de Freitas
Lamsdorf Stalag VIIIB POW Camp - March 21st, 1943
27th March 1943

Dear Zelia,

Awfully sweet of you to write. I am bucked to know that all at home are so well, & that John is already making his presence felt about the house. Almost every week I manage to get a letter or Card off home, I wonder if they all get through. With the warmer weather it is much more pleasant in the open. Apart from one coloured lad from Bdos [Barbados] I have met no other Colonials. Wilfred Payne is at Officer's Camp. My love to everybody at home. If I could I would write them all.

I am well
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