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[From Edward Gonsalves]

I would like to introduce my brother, Compton, to the forum.

I have no date when Compton was sent to Trinidad to attend school at Mount St. Benedict. His guardian in Trinidad was a friend of my father named Harry Clark who ran a thriving gents clothing store in Port of Spain.
Compton was a reasonably good cyclist who biked for a team named "the saddle boys" I can't say if his association with the saddle boys came before or after his school days at the Mount.

It may have been in 1947 or 1948 while attending a seminary in London, Compton was contacted by the Trinidad cycling association who asked him to represent Trinidad at the 1948 Olympics which were being held in London. He requested permission from the authorities at the seminary to go on sabbatical so that he could train for the Olympics. When this was not granted he quit the seminary, went into training and cycled for Trinidad in the 1948 Olympics. His nickname was Hero and the call at the race track was "Compton coming".
He returned to Trinidad, took up a job with Harry Clark and cycled seriously.
I think it was at Bourda that due to a track accident Compton suffered a fractured scull. This put an end to his cycling days however not to his cycling career.

I think he first coached the saddle boys before ending up as coach for the Trinidad cycling team. This he did for a number of years. As recognition for his work with the Trinidad team Compton was inducted into the Trinidad sports hall of fame. After his cycling career was over Compton worked for Singer and this job brought him often times to Guyana.
December 11th 1926 - March 8th 2012

1946 - CAC Bronze in the 4km Pursuit 1948 - Olympic representative in the 1km TT and Sprints (first ever)
1950 - Instrumental in the formation of the TTCF away from the Amateur Athletics Association
1950 - Bronze in CAC Games 1km TT 1950 - Silver in CAC Games Match Sprint
1952 - Founder of the Madonna Wheelers CC
1985 - Inductee into the Trinidad & Tobago Sports Hall of Fame (Cycling)
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