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This page contains links to web pages on the Internet which belong to or mention family members.
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Celço de Freitas
British Guiana batting average - from the Cricket Archive.
Bourda, Georgetown, British Guiana on 10,11,12 February 1935 (3-day match).
Bourda, Georgetown, British Guiana on 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 August 1938.
Bourda, Georgetown, British Guiana on 25, 26, 27 August 1938.
15 Squadron Photograph prior to his shooting down - last row, second from left (new)
Database entry recording date and time, aircraft and other details of his shooting down (new)
Cricket in Stalag 344 - Sport in German Prisoner-of-war camps during World War II - comparison with Colin Cowdrey. This is a PDF file* (see below). You can find the reference on page 6, but the entire article is fascinating!
Charles de Freitas (a.k.a. Simon Charles)
The Cruising Guide to Cuba - many similar entries omitted
US Government Policy Towards Cuba - Events 1995
Distant Horizons - Cruising Cuba - many similar entries omitted
Clive Bettencourt-Gomes
Duane de Freitas
JLA’s David Nichols writes on his travels in Guyana, one of South America’s least visited countries.
The world's least likely internet nerd - a BBC report
David Serrao
Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society.
David Brackenbury
BBC News - On-line Debate on Tony Benn - 4 February 2001
BBC Talking Point - September 11 2001
Linked In with ECB Level 1 cricket umpire certification
Fay Anne de Freitas
Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman - History
Crescent Beach - Grand Cayman
Genia de Souza
Genia breaks and trains horses in the grounds of Duleek House in County Meath, Ireland. Duleek House is a 400 year old granite cut stone heritage house with stables, 30 acres and floodlit arena.
Jamie Clark
Laurence de Freitas
Mark Brackenbury
Books by Mark Brackenbury - many similar entries omitted
Mauricio de Narvaez
1976 Sebring 12 Hours (Photo)
World Challenge for Endurance Drivers 1978
24 Hours of Le Mans 1981-5
His title in the 12 Hours of Sebring 1984 (Espanol)
Buy Mauricio's Porsche 935 - only $79.95
TNF's Archive - The Autosport Forums
Complete Archive of Mauricio De Narvaez
Paul de Freitas
BBC Horizon Scandal
Megasol Technologies
Cayman Drama Society
Samantha Michelle Clark (née de Freitas)
Sir Newton Colour Me books
Samantha Clark - Motivation For Writers
The Boy, The Boat And The Beast
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